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Pictures of Real Cars & Trucks from our Customers

Here are the pics I promised. I am more than happy with how it turned
out. Hope it is as fast as it looks. Thanx again for your help.

Best Regards
Bryan "Pablo" Cruz

Phil from Bakersfield put together b4.2 Vintage Dirt Modified oval car used Speedys 1403 Modified kit TC3 shocks and springs with McAllister 240 Coupe body

This is a Traxxas Bandit chassis with the speedy dirt oval conversion and American wheel conversion. Car also is equipped with modified front RPM a-arms and RPM rear a-arms. RPM flipped front wide bumper and RPM rear trans with a slipper eliminator was also installed. Don't seem to be many Traxxas street stocks out there but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Hey Speedys
thanks for putting out a great product !!!...Yes That is my XXX-T with Losi Buggy Arms ( front and rear ) The car handles great, on your advice Zack ( My son ) is building his from his XXX-T, How ever he switched his Chassis also using Buggy arms ( front and rear ) but also using his XXX-Cr Buggy Chassis, Ray again, Many thanks for a great product,....Jim Neese

The car builder is David Crank Jr

Here's a few pictures of the pan car. I'm running it in the 17.5 sportsman class at Marshalls Hilltop Hobbies in Honesdale PA.
Thanks again,
Gene Delamarter

My Speed-Run-Only Rustler was made by swapping the rear A-arms out for Bandit A-arms; 
not only does it shorten the width, but it also gives fantastic toe-in to keep it straight. 
Jaco 2050 rear foams were used on the front and back. 
A T-Bone Racing wheelie bar was used in back and a T-Bone bumper was used up front, 
but flipped upside down and trimmed on the sides. 
1 pound of lead weight was affixed to the bumper in the form of half pound bars. The weight was 
placed on the bumper instead of the frame in order to use it as a lever and front wheels as the fulcrum. 
The front A-arms are standard Rustler arms that have been sectioned out and reassembled with screws; 
epoxy will be applied later. I experimented with Tamiya TL-01 A-arms, but wasn't satisfied with the results. 
The body is a McAllister's Monte Carlo body mounted using Speedy's Racing Oval Track Conversion kit. 
The front shock tower uses non-standard body mount mounting holes. 4-Tec shocks are used all around. 
The license plate was made by using the license plate creator from 
A Drift-Pro Gyro helps keep it straight. 
This is a budget minded build, so it only uses two 2S 5000 mA Lipos in series, a 3500 kV Brushless, and a 120 Amp 
HobbyWing ESC. Also, an Integy gear box was added to allow upgrades in the future. 

Thanks Scott


Hello Ray, as you see my street stock is all ready to go.
I'm very proud of how it turned out. I want to thank you for what you do for the hobby. Your products are awesome!
Thank you! Robert Pennington

These are two of the bombers I built last year. Nothing special just something my brother and I can bang some fenders with.

Best regards,
Jim Harris

Here is a Slash Low center of gravity chassis with IMCA set up.
Big Jim Woodman
Guthrie OK.

My 18T with a Speedys #6024 body kit, McAllister #232 Carolina body, and paint by Zegers RC Graffix.
Thanks, Dan O'Brien

This is a Associated B3 dirt late model with a Novak gtb and 13.5 motor running 75/33 gearing on a 5000 40c 2s lipo.
The LM conversion is by Speedys Racing Parts (Which are some of the best racing parts on the market)
Thank you  Ray for all you do for us racers.

Hi my name is Chris Vallieres i am from Columbus Ohio I have only been rc racing for 2 years now
I run in the street stock class at crazy boys rc raceway in Ashville Ohio and thanks to speedy race products and
there quick shipping I have been in the winners circle several times with a losi XXX buggy conversion kit
thanks again speedy!!!!!!!


 "Darin Matherne sent a picture of his 1/18 scale with McAllister #97 1/12 SCALE INTREPID GTP

Thanks you for building and selling my Dad the parts that it takes to keep me running and winning.
Here is a little information on myself I'm 13 years old, in the 7th grade, this is my second year of dirt racing
and I just finished my first winter of carpet racing, and have started racing the 1/8th scale Late Model.

Who says RC racing Ain't for girls!!

Thanks,  Brooke M. Eshleman

This picture was sent in buy Steve Counts! He races 1/8 scale Late Models Race garage is located at New Market Alabama This car happens to have a set of custom mounted silver foam on RPM buggy wheels done
buy Speedy's Racing Parts

Bill Shults with his CCS car.

Raymond converted a Losi XXX buggy into an EDM has a matching paint job of his Custom Works sprint car.
Raymond Schwerdtfeger
Wayne, NJ 

Click on Picture to Enlarge
Thanks speedy for the great kit looking forward to winning with Speedys stuff.

Click on Picture to Enlarge
This is my newest winner. Thanks to speedy's for the IMCA modified body and the coopers green foams. The body is painted color change green to copper and diamond black roof. I run in stock truck class with a CO27 brushed motor. The track is in Ocala,FL and it is dirt oval. Thanks Speedy's!

Building a RC Car to match

Click on Picture to Enlarge
 Traxxas Rustler and picture of real car, Body is not done yet.

Thanks SRP

 I am running Proline Strikers bought from yall through my hobby shop. The truck is an original rc10t with original 3 piece wheels and as mentioned Proline striker tires. It has a Chameilian 19t motor backed by a MC210 CB Speedcontroller with a 30 amp fuse It has a futaba S2002 Steering servo with a Traxxas 2CH RX/TX. It has RPM Front and rear A-arms it has a RPM dust cover with what I was told to be RPM Front and rear shock towers, as well as front bumper. It has TC3 front and rear shocks with TC3 springs. It has a litesink heat sink witha a carbon fiber Trans brace. I normally run a 3300 7.2V or a 3000 7 cell battery. It has upgraded CVD's I forget what from.


Click on Picture to Enlarge
Waitakere city Auckland New Zealand
This sprintcar started life as an x6 2wd buggy .It has a 3mm stainless steel frame 4mm carbon chassis it also has a
Speedys Racing Parts b4 front shock tower .
thanks Ray ! Rohan

Here is my b3 with your conversion kit. This car is an associated b3 with the Novak 13.5 brushless system,
Custom works rims, TC3 shocks, McAllister IMCA modified body.
Thanks again for offering such great parts

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These pictures were taken this afternoon. She's an original gold pan RC10 with Novak 4.5 Brushless and Fusion Power 4200mah Nimh. Cooper "pink" foams. The chassis has been heavily milled and powder blasted. With 48 pitch gears inside the trans make her smooth, fast, and quiet. And a Losi ball bearing steering kit keeps her pointed in the right direction.

Thanks for everything Ray! Now I've got to build one for my 7 year old son.

Steve Cudd

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Thanks for the picture's John

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Allan Deater's Losi XXXT of Village Hobbies
It's an action picture of our McAllister bodies.
Kevin and Daryl off-road trucks

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These are some pics of my car i just finished. Thanks for the tires and conversion kit everything works great.

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Just thought I'd let ya know the cars are super fast on our short track. Right now were running Traxxas Nitro sports and rustlers, along with a jato and a losi XXXnt. We've got an associated rc10gt2 but it's not ready yet, 8 cars right now and as of last week we orderd the track mate timing system so were getting ready for some real fun as soon as it gets here. So far from my evaluation on the late model body and the oval conversion kit is unreal, with the right shocks and set up my nitro sport screams, of course so do all the other ones but you know how that goes.

Click on Picture to Enlarge
Click on Picture to Enlarge
These are two of the 5 R/C cars that I have to race. I just had the bodies done up by Gene at "BustedGFX", who can be contacted on by the same member name.  The truck is a Christmas present from my girlfriend in 2004. It is a Losi XXXT MF1. It is pretty much out of the box. I do run it in a mod class on carpet. it has a Chameleon motor, foam tires, and a oval lowering kit from Speedy's Racing, along with associated touring car threaded shocks. It's been a lot of fun and one of just a couple Losi's that run in my area.
The EDM is pretty much a from scratch Terminator. I started with a B3 transmission and suspension. Then got the Terminator conversion kit. The body is a CDK and like the truck I run on carpet. It has a stock 27 turn motor and I also have the associated touring car threaded shocks on it. We don't have much of a interest in my area for dirt. It's pretty much a winter season thing here. I generally run two nights a week. On Tuesday nights I run at a Local track Bull Dog Club. It's only 6 miles from my house and it is in a indoor shooting range that a member gets access to for our racing fix. Then I run on Saturday evenings in Falconer, NY. A track run by Greg at Craft World Hobbies. Which is about 50 miles from me. I have fun at both places. I've had good and bad nights at both but, I always go back for more. Hope you like the pics and have fun racing.
Larry, also known as "Wing Nut"
Erie, PA
Here are pictures of a Losi xxx4 Buggy and the email from Lorne and Ravano

Hi Ray,
Apologies, it's been so long. The tires are awesome though. They change the entire nature of the losi xxx4 g+ buggies. We ran them at our on road track (South way Raceway) at the Durban Model Car Club open day and this beast drew some crowds as we set them up for the track with your pink foams. DMC clubbers are looking at starting a whole new class. We busted local lap times around the track with our "out-of-the-box" thinking and setups. I'm all for the change. Thanks once again for an awesome product...keep 'em coming... to deep Africa. Included some pictures of the rides.
Lorne and Ravano

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This is a t4 oval and a list of the mods and parts I have installed. A Full Size Latemodel Mustang Racing Body with
Venom decals from Speedys Racing Parts. Blue T4 Oval Conversion Kit  from Speedys Racing Parts.
Dirt master wheels from Speedys Racing Parts. Mamba Max brushless system tc3 shocks with aluminum shock caps.
A T4 truck bumper from Speedys Racing Parts. Airtronics M8 radio,  Hitec titanium gear hi torque servo and
Rear Body Mounting kit for the B4 from Speedys Racing Parts
MIP shiny drives.
Ron Poe
Klamath Falls Oregon

Click on Picture to Enlarge

Click on Picture to Enlarge
The sprinter is a losi xxxcr with your gears and the 18 as you know its a rc18t with the body mounting kit and custom mini wheels 
By Ray Rogers 


Click on Picture to Enlarge

Robs project car of the dead pool rc10. I have some body details to work out (chrome bumpers, lights, chips, and tint). The guy that I got the body from didn't do a very good job with cutting and painting, but overall it's a good little body. I have 2 other vette bodies with paint jobs in the works. This car will be my running model. The test gear that I have in the car is just that. Just to test how the car runs. I will be installing an aveox motor and controller with a "good
 set of batteries". Can't wait for that! Speed!

 I just ran it tonight and boy your cut gears and
 slipper eliminator sure make a hell of a difference
 And quiet! Sounds very similar to my rc10lss.

From Rob


Jason Smothers took a B3 and converted it to a
IMCA Modified.

Click on Picture to Enlarge
 Special thanks to my sponsors Ray at ,
Bill Stevenson, Whiplash R/C Racing Cells, Vinyltrix Designs.  Without you all, this
would not be possible for me.  I deeply appreciate it.
David Brockman

Click on Picture to Enlarge

Eddie Emery (AKA Fast Eddie) He won the points championship at the local track he races at. That trophy stands 5 feet tall and he got his picture taken with the Hot wings girls. This is a east dirt modified it is a custom works GSX.

 Congratulations on your big win and a really nice trophy Fast Eddie.


Click on Picture to Enlarge

This body was assembled and painted By Troy Zeeman from Wisconsin. The chassis is a Losi XXX-NT Truck with SPEED RACING PRODUCTS conversion kit. The truck also has the DIRT MASTER racing tires and wheels. Thank you very much for sending in the pictures Troy!

Click on Picture to Enlarge

 I am sending these shots of my terminator, it has a set of cut gears, slipper eliminator, and tires purchased through your site, Thanks for all your help.
Kevin Allen, 
PS ~ I race this car on carpet at craftworld rc raceway in Falconer NY.

OBJECTIVE: I plan on getting back into the scene, I have only made a few large races lately, I want to be a competitive force at the track, I want to promote my sponsors products and services, also to be as helpful as I can at the track, never cursing or throwing (temper-tantrums) Also I want to keep improving my race accomplishments and renew some old friendships, and make some new ones as well on a state, regional, and national level, and with the help from my present sponsors, I will be able to achieve this.

PRESENT SPONSORS: IRS Irrgang racing service, Putnam propulsion , tmrc racing components, rc 4 less, max amps, Surge worldwide,  hooter chassis & hobbies, High Velocity motors & batteries, Speedy Racing Parts, Axiom motors

OTHER INTERESTS: When I’m not racing, I like to work on my 1976 Pontiac firebird formula 350 with my 12-year-old son, I also like to hunt and fish.

2004 Delaware Paved Oval Championship 6th place, B-main, Stock 4 cell pan car.
2002 12th annual open wheel dirt oval championship, 6th place, A-main, stock truck.
1999 9th annual keystone state championship 8th place, A-main, stock truck.
1997 7th annual open wheel dirt oval championship 3rd place, B-main,
Stock truck.

1997 6th annual keystone state championship 4th place, A-main, stock truck.
1997 Norrca dirt oval nationals, 2nd place, A-main, stock truck.



Here Tom used the McA-200  EDM body


Click on Picture to Enlarge

This is a B3 with a SpeedysRacingParts B3  EDM kit on it and it is a figure 8 car
 by Eddie

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